For Investment Plans:

Fees are a fixed custom quote, based upon content of the Preliminary Input Form. A two hundred dollar deposit is due upon signing of the agreement. Balance of payment due at completion of the plan. Client must complete Client Data Form and submit other required documents before the analysis can begin.

For Ongoing Management of Brokerage and IRA Account Assets:

Each calendar quarter, a fee will be charged based upon the market value of all your managed assets at the end of each quarter, in accordance with our current fee schedule. The fee is payable in arrears. In any partial calendar quarter, the fee will be pro rated based on the number of days that an account was open during the quarter.

Asset Management Fee Schedule

Assets Under ManagementQuarterly Fee***Annual Fee***
$100,001 to $500,0000.15%0.60%
$500,001 to $1,500,0000.12%0.48%
Over $1,500,000TBD**TBD**

* Assets under management must total at least $10,000 at all times, unless an exemption is agreed to by Alban Investment Management, LLC.. If assets under management are $25,000 or less, there is a $50 flat fee per quarter rather than a % fee.

** To be determined based upon a custom quote, that is subject to negotiation.

*** Fee percentage is based on assets held in custody with FMR Corp. d/b/a Fidelity Investments, and its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively "Fidelity"). The above fees are in addition to any fees charged by Fidelity. Any managed assets held by other custodians will be subject to a custom quote.

For Special Projects:

Fees are billable at a rate of $95/hour plus any quoted cash expenses.