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On-going Investment Management Service


Successful long-term implementation, monitoring, and adjustments of investment plan to achieve client goals.


Client sets parameters under which Advisor operates.


Improved chances of better long-term results (net of expenses) for the client, while freeing up time and energy for the client to devote to other pursuits.

Services Include:

  1. Implement, in partnership with the client, the transition plan from the existing portfolio structure and processes to the planned ones.
  2. Recommend specific security selections and transactions. The aims are to produce results over the long-term that are better than the relevant benchmarks-but this cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Recommend periodic portfolio rebalancing and/or modifications.
  4. Monitor tax law changes, new investment products, and recommend appropriate actions.
  5. Recommend income tax reduction transactions (usually during the 4th quarter).
  6. Monitor portfolio to minimize wasted expenses and transaction costs.
  7. Recommend, in partnership with the client, portfolio changes that arise from changed circumstances or changed goals.
  8. Provide quarterly portfolio performance reports that compare results against benchmark indices and describe the asset mix of the portfolio.
  9. Provide monthly e-newsletter containing information on investment trends, economic outlook, tax law changes, etc.
  10. Perform portfolio administrative tasks, such as transaction execution, to free up time and energy for the client.
  11. Consult with the client, as needed, on special situations.
  12. Recommend investment education materials for clients who wish to expand their information base.
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