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Our Services

We offer three types of investment advisory services.

  1. We offer the development of comprehensive, long-term investment plans for families and individuals.
    • A comprehensive written plan, based on sound investment principles, improves the chances of achieving your investment goals.
    • The plan is developed on a client-specific fixed fee, based upon the complexity of your circumstances.
    • For more information on our investment plans, click here
  2. We offer on-going management of investment assets.
    • The aim is the successful long-term implementation, monitoring, and adjustment of the investment plan to achieve your goals.
    • We reach agreement with you in advance on the parameters under which we manage the assets.
    • Our fees are based on a small % of managed assets, paid quarterly.
    • For more information on our investment management, click here
  3. We offer special investment analyses, that do not fit into either of the above two services, based on an hourly rate.

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